A photographic tour of Den Haag Netherlands


Den Haag Netherlands is an absolutely fascinating city, full of history. Located on the edge of the North Sea and surrounded by an intricate series of canals, the landscape and architecture offer a wide variety of photographic opportunities.

Den Haag originated in 1230 by Count Floris IV when he purchased land to build a hunting residence. In 1248 his son William II, King of the Romans, extended the residence and built a palace, now known today as Binnenhof and is still in use for specific events by the Dutch Monarch.

Walking down the street you are surrounded by the beauty of the old architecture, buildings built in the 1500 and 1600s and meticulously maintained, complete with doorway carvings greeting your entrance. But not only is Den Haag full of old architecture and history, but it is also plays a very important role in International Politics. The International Court of Justice, commonly referred to as the World Court is housed here in the Peace Palace.

So enjoy a few images of our photographic tour of Den Haag, showing you some of the beauty in its architecture. There will be more to come, not just in architecture but also in its landscape and nature!









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